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At the statehouse I will be dealing with a variety of challenges from education to taxes to energy to agriculture. Here are a few key challenges that are essential for me and, I believe, for the bettering of Iowa. Please reach out as I am always happy to have conversations. I want to hear from you!

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Economic Freedom

I believe economic freedom is a fundamental right of every human. Government's role in an economically free society is to ensure that individuals are free to work, produce, consume, and invest in any way they believe to be in their own best interest. Individuals are more capable of managing their personal resources than the government. The role of the government should be to protect economic freedoms and not restrain those freedoms. 


Lowering taxes and limiting government are key components to creating economic freedom. I will uphold the principles of government that protects economic freedom by lowering taxes, incentivizing personal responsibility, and reducing government regulations for Iowans. In doing so, we will build a healthier society, have a cleaner environment, create greater per capita wealth and increase participation in the democratic process.



I believe education is a cornerstone of our society, whether that education comes in the form of public school, private school, or trade school. All forms of education should be supported. I believe in responsible spending related to education, appropriate funds to make a safe learning environment, quality learning materials and technology, and transportation. Simply throwing money at an issue does not solve the problem. We should be intentional in all areas of the Iowa budget including education funding. 


When it comes to the education of children, parents should be the ones to decide what education is best for their child whether that be public, private, or homeschool. A child’s address should not dictate their educational success nor their future. 


As a first-generation college student with a PhD, education has been fundamental to my career success. It has enhanced my personal (and my family’s) social/ economic mobility. I will support legislation that helps provide individuals from all walks of life, an affordable and a quality education.

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I believe in the protection of life from conception to natural death. Every person is uniquely created in the image of God and deserves our protection. I will support legislation that will protect all Iowans from the unborn to our seniors.



As a country we are blessed with one of the greatest government documents in history, the United States Constitution, outlining the liberties granted to us by God to be protected by government. I will seek to protect and support that document. Specifically, I look to the 1st and 2nd amendment. Protecting free speech on all public platforms and protecting the practice of religion. As a devout Christian and American, those rights are absolutely fundamental and essential for a thriving society. Additionally, to protect those God given rights, I firmly defend the 2nd amendment. Iowa has made great strides in passing legislation to protect the “right to bear arms,” including moving forward with a constitutional amendment to the Iowa Constitution. I look forward to voting on that measure in November on the ballot. 



The past two years, we lived through unprecedented times in many areas, but particularly in the area of liberties eroded by medical tyranny from the government and private sector. I believe in personal responsibility and individual liberty which extends to an individual’s medical decisions. I will fight for medical freedom for, if we lose medical freedom, we lose social freedom. If social freedom is lost, we lose economic freedom. Every Iowan should have the right to decide the best medical treatment for themselves and their family without fear of discrimination.

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