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A letter to Faith…

I write this letter to express

my gratitude to all the people

who welcomed me at their homes

during my door knocking campaign.

I knocked on your door asking for your Trust.

I realize that Faith must be earned.

You see, Trust is earned, but can only be earned

after Faith brings the opportunity.

Today, I would like to ask you

to have that Faith on this Election Day.

Faith that I have your best interest at heart and mind.

Faith that I will, as I have all my life, continue to work hard

to make sure everyone in our community has economic stability.

Faith that I will work hard for all our families.

Faith, that I will promote, having been an educator for the last 10 years,

the best education for our children.

Faith that I will honor the family values that make us a great society,

and Faith, that I will work for you as If I am working for God.

My fellow Iowan,

I pray that today in Good Faith,

You cast your vote for me.

With Love of God, Love of Family and Duty to Country,

-Mark Weatherly

#Keep Iowa Moving.

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