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A letter to Victoria...

Dear Victoria,

Your mom and I were so happy the day you were born.

Our hearts jumped with joy when the doctor said “ congratulations you have a beautiful little baby girl” - That night I went home from the hospital and painted your room pink.

What a privilege it is to be your father, and to have seen you grow up through your school years.

I have watched you excel not only in sport, but in everything you did.

In those days I was your teacher, your coach but most of all - your greatest fan.

I couldn’t be prouder of the girl you were and the woman you have become.

And now, with a family of your own, as a wife and mother of three,

I stand in awe of the love and care you show for your own family.

As it is often said, “it’s hard to believe how fast the years go by” and it’s true …

But even now, you are still my little girl…and I’m still your greatest fan.

I Love you Vic …


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